Friday, June 6, 2014

Secrets to Win Nobel Price--by Waston

The best scientific pairings are the marriage that brings complementary talents.

In general, a scientific team of more than two is a crowded affair. Either one member effectively becomes a leader or the third  eventually feel a less than equal partner and cause resentment. People usually believe in equal partnerships of successful duos.

Avoid gatherings more than two Nobel Prize winner.

The best way to remain lively is to restrict your professional contact to young, yet not famous collegues.

Sit in the front row when a seminar intrigues you. If you cannot follow the speaker’s train of thought from where you are, you are in a good place to interrupt. Chances are you are not alone I being lost and most everyone in the audience will silently applaud. Waiting until a seminar is mover to ask questions is not polite, you will probably forget where you got lost and start questioning results you actually understood. Avoiding sitting in the front row for seminar that will suspiciously bore you is real polite.

Extend yourself intellectually through courses that initially retighten you.
Only by developing skill you lack will you develop sufficient comfort to work at the leading edge of your field. So your Bs in genuinely tough math courses were worth far more in confidence capital than any A I would likely have received in biology course, no matter how demanding.

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