Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cheap Flight Ticket to Germany

There are many findprice website that help customers comparing prices between several airlines. This kind of services becomes more and more popular in the last few years, owning to the booming of information and the overabundance of products.

Without exception, I am a lover of these kind of product search engine. Not surprising that when I need to look up for the price of the flight tickets from Taipei, Taiwna to Frankfurt/Stuttgart, Germany. My instinct ask me to use findprice website.

So, Today I am going to introduce a website I am fond of.

169機票小站 is such a website, easy to use, prompt reply. You can efficiently find and book a flight ticket with reasonable price in few minutes.

Unlike most flight ticket search engine provided by tourist agency, the prices on the is tax included, meaning you see what you pay. That is really important to customers like me who hates complicated calculation.

This is the document you get after booking successfully.

Skyscanner is another ticket finder recommended by my friends. Its user interface is comfortable at the first sight, and the searching database seems to be big, including Taiwanese websites and Overseas websites, and sometimes you need to pay online with credit card. The downside is that you are less advantageous on commercial disputes.

EasyFly is another I find one the Internet, it is a little bit different, for the tickets on it are tax excluded, so be careful.

For the time being, I will use these two, but who knows someday I will find a better one?

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