Friday, October 17, 2014

Some important points in the GTC student Manual.

0. Re-enrollment

  Re-enrollment periods: Master students are required to re-enroll every semester and to pay the registration fee (4 x during your masters studies). The periods of re- enrolment (Rückmeldefristen) for the summer terms are usually around mid January to mid February and for the winter terms in July to mid August. Delayed reenrollment will result in 10 overdue fines. Please check the University website for exact dates of the re-enrolment periods: 

1. House
    Should inform House Master two weeks in advance before you move out.

2. GTC regulations:

   If you leave the GTC for the day, in particular if you are the last one leaving the GTC, you must shut down the computers, close the windows, switch of the lights and lock the GTC door.

   Forming cleaning crew to clean the kichenete in GTC weekly.

3. Internet Service:

Once you have registered at the university and received your student ID-card etc., you will also be assigned your Z D V l o g i n and a university e-mail address ( You can then check and write e-mails worldwide through your ZDV webmail account.
Via ‘mail -> filters -> forward’ you can also have every incoming e-mail forwarded to another e-mail address of your choice.
Login to ZDV-webmail: 


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