Wednesday, October 29, 2014

RD9700 USB Ethernet Adaptor Problem Review

This article is meant to solve USB-Ethernet connecting problems on Macbook Pro for

non-Apple Ethernet adaptor users, and for the future forgetful me.


For your information, my OS X is at version 10.9.5 .

I use Adapter with Product ID 0x9700, which you can find under :

system information/ hardware/ usb/ ethernet adapter.

If you see following information on your Mac:

              Product ID: 0x9700
              Vendor ID: 0x0fe6
              Version: 1.01

you can download the adapter driver under the following weblink:

Hardware Drivers

as well as this :

and this:

Both are tested downloadable on 10.29.2014.

For myself:

under the Google cloud disk can you find some downloaded extension packages.

Possible solutions and work-arounds:

If re-install the driver of the hardware can not solve your problem, it may be the collision of softwares. Some posts indicated that after OSX 10.8.x MBP stops support hot-plugging, which means once your laptop enter zombie mode, your laptop will not reload the driver file USB_Ethernet_Adaptor.kext located under the path: system/library/extensions/

The only solution is to power-off and turn on your laptop again. It is more like a work around instead of a final solution.

In my case, system has trouble detect the plug in of my device, and I have to wait for a while and check my system information again and again to incidentally activate it.

There is always a jump-out window indicating the plug-in USB_Ethernet_Adaptor.kext is not properly installed.

Some people on the Apple community suggested manually reload the driver can solve the problem, but the solution is not verified by myself.


The fundamental cause of the problem is still waiting to be found. Should you find the solution provided by technicians of Apple.Inc, or manufactures of the adapter, please write to me or leave comments below. It will be a bless to those who suffer the same trouble as we do, and those to be suffered once they decide to use non-Apple Ethernet adaptors.  

This guy seemed to figure it all out. Huray !

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    Works out of the box, without csrutil tricks and reboots. OS X El Capitan

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