Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Life Changing experience

A life changing experience 
  Last summer, right after I graduated from high school, I went to Kojen, a well-known English language school, with a view to enhancing my English speaking ability.
   At that time, I was totally overwhelmed by my hunger for learning English , not only because I learned the how interesting English could be during my high school years, but also I had dreamed of being a bag packer as soon as possible. These reasons gave me an acute motivation to strengthen my capability in English before I fulfill my dream. 

  Knowing clearly the intensive class they provided was exactly what I needed, I frantically paid more than 10,000 NT dollars which was nearly all I had. After a week’s course, I was not content with the arrangement of the teaching content, so they permitted me to join a higher- leveled class.   

  Because I made all the decisions myself, which seriously displeased my mom, I had a fight with her. She thought it’s wasteful and immature that I spent such a large amount of money without discussing with her. However, I didn’t feel any uncomfortable spending my own money. In short, I was a rebel against ‘the big government.’ 

  Honestly speaking, I was a little worried that if my choices ended up proved to be irrational, this story might be repeated with comtempt whenever she and I met a division. To my relief, things went quite well. As I expected, teachers were nice, classmates were brilliant, and the content was wonderful. Everything went right. What amazed me more was that the language school was about to launch a brand-new course, which seeked volunteers. Thus, I took extra free courses and practiced English more than 6 hours a day, so did some of the other classmates. 

  Immersing in English environment definitely changed my life. They let me know the view points and tastes of westerners in addition to language. When talking with them, I felt as though my dream had come true. At the thought of my correct decision, I couldn’t help but smile. 
   This was the first time I study with alacrity, and the first time I insisted on my opinion. Unbelievably, it turned out to be a great success! I felt fortunate that I stay ture to myself, or I wouldn't have such a great summer vacation.

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