Saturday, August 6, 2016

What should be included in a professional personal webpage.

What should be included in a professional personal webpage.

It should be a name card listing all your professional profile and records that give you extra credibility in your abilities that you want to emphasize.

LinkedIn : Probably the primary thing that you want potential recruiter/ employer know about you -- your education, experience, skills, etc.

Google Plus : This demonstrate your personal side in the bright way. Your bloggers, you tube channel, friend circles. Your activities are usually more 'appropriate' here as far as your potential employer/ coworker is concerned.

Skype: A much more enjoyable and intimate way of modern day communication, where the conversations don't get reduced to a emoji or one sentence. And there's no 'Facebook friend' that you barely know. It is the only way you talk to people you really intellectually and  emotionally linked with even though they are half a planet away.

For Programers :

GitHub : Undoubtedly the major hub of all coders. It demonstrates your contributions to the team, your talents,  and your work portfolio is a way that there's no room for bragging or humbling. The evidences speaks for themselves.

Stack overflow : Yes, programers have to do volunteering work as well. It shows that you are not a egoistic jerk or coding machine but a amicable person with a big heart. This is where you earn your respect from your peers.

Research Gate:  Where your publication can be inspected and where your collaborators can be seen. It shows explicitly your standing in the field. However, lots of excellent scholars don't use this kind of social network. So this is the best of entry level researcher to build their connections.

For Students :

DropBox : Where you share your common interests, school work, study material, or your secret project.

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