Thursday, July 24, 2014

Everything you need to know when installing Windows system on Mac & their solutions

Q1. How to install Free Windows 7 without setup disk?

1. Download Windows 7 ios  file on Microsoft official website. It is around 30GB, so it takes a while to download.


2. Prepare an 8 G or larger USB disk, backup the files in it, and reformat it.

3.Follow the instruction of Bootcamp Assistant, copy the ios file of Windows trial version into the USB.

instruction ( with a lot of screen shots.)

4. Waiting for the installation (should take some time, be patient)

5. Don't worry about the license key, just click continue. We will fix the trail version issue after installing it.


Q2. How to  turn trail version into licensed version ?

6. So, you get the official Windows of 30 day's trail version now. Then you need the KEY to activate your windows to get rid of annoying license reminder you will see once your free version dues.

7. You can download the KEYGEN here. It is always workable, and this keygen is workable on almost every version of windows on any brand of computer.

KEYGEN  or you can search OEM7F7 on the Internet.

8. Enjoy.

Q3. Everything looks small on Retina screen on Windows, how to fix it ?

1. Just change the display resolution to lower alternatives in the control panel.

Q4. Google Chrome Browser looks blur under high DPI (dots per inch )screen, which is retina screen for Macbook Pro, how to fix it ?

The problem may be solved by Google some day, but for now there's no officially approved solution. After trying almost every possibilities I could find, I think this way is the closest answer to my desired result.

1. Download the registery, which enables Chrome's HiDPI,


2. Putt it under this route.
 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Chrome\Profile (value = 0 or 1)

3. Click on the registry icon to run it. 

4. Shut the Chrome down , and reopen it. It should no longer look blur.

6. For additional optimization, you can set the magnification to 200% and font size to large under advanced setting by clicking the menu button on the top-right corner of the chrome browser. 

7. Original ideas comes from this Blog.  

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