Wednesday, October 29, 2014

RD9700 USB Ethernet Adaptor Problem Review

This article is meant to solve USB-Ethernet connecting problems on Macbook Pro for

non-Apple Ethernet adaptor users, and for the future forgetful me.


For your information, my OS X is at version 10.9.5 .

I use Adapter with Product ID 0x9700, which you can find under :

system information/ hardware/ usb/ ethernet adapter.

If you see following information on your Mac:

              Product ID: 0x9700
              Vendor ID: 0x0fe6
              Version: 1.01

you can download the adapter driver under the following weblink:

Hardware Drivers

as well as this :

and this:

Both are tested downloadable on 10.29.2014.

For myself:

under the Google cloud disk can you find some downloaded extension packages.

Possible solutions and work-arounds:

If re-install the driver of the hardware can not solve your problem, it may be the collision of softwares. Some posts indicated that after OSX 10.8.x MBP stops support hot-plugging, which means once your laptop enter zombie mode, your laptop will not reload the driver file USB_Ethernet_Adaptor.kext located under the path: system/library/extensions/

The only solution is to power-off and turn on your laptop again. It is more like a work around instead of a final solution.

In my case, system has trouble detect the plug in of my device, and I have to wait for a while and check my system information again and again to incidentally activate it.

There is always a jump-out window indicating the plug-in USB_Ethernet_Adaptor.kext is not properly installed.

Some people on the Apple community suggested manually reload the driver can solve the problem, but the solution is not verified by myself.


The fundamental cause of the problem is still waiting to be found. Should you find the solution provided by technicians of Apple.Inc, or manufactures of the adapter, please write to me or leave comments below. It will be a bless to those who suffer the same trouble as we do, and those to be suffered once they decide to use non-Apple Ethernet adaptors.  

This guy seemed to figure it all out. Huray !

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Flea Market in Tübingen Day 15

Taking bus 19 alone Nacker River to Freibad, you will see the once-a-month flea market of Tübingen. Despite the fact that half of the October have passed, the balmy weather we had today was as pleasant as any beautiful days we had in mid-summer. In this southern German city, we seemed to be blessed by Sun.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Some important points in the GTC student Manual.

0. Re-enrollment

  Re-enrollment periods: Master students are required to re-enroll every semester and to pay the registration fee (4 x during your masters studies). The periods of re- enrolment (Rückmeldefristen) for the summer terms are usually around mid January to mid February and for the winter terms in July to mid August. Delayed reenrollment will result in 10 overdue fines. Please check the University website for exact dates of the re-enrolment periods: 

1. House
    Should inform House Master two weeks in advance before you move out.

2. GTC regulations:

   If you leave the GTC for the day, in particular if you are the last one leaving the GTC, you must shut down the computers, close the windows, switch of the lights and lock the GTC door.

   Forming cleaning crew to clean the kichenete in GTC weekly.

3. Internet Service:

Once you have registered at the university and received your student ID-card etc., you will also be assigned your Z D V l o g i n and a university e-mail address ( You can then check and write e-mails worldwide through your ZDV webmail account.
Via ‘mail -> filters -> forward’ you can also have every incoming e-mail forwarded to another e-mail address of your choice.
Login to ZDV-webmail: 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 9 in Tübingen- Outlet City Metzingen

What a beautiful weather.

The city rose out of nowhere, just like how Las Vegas rose in the desolated Nevada desert. The dire hunger of consumerism spurred the growth of this small town.  It took her only a blink of an eye to transform from a rustic village into a giant shopping center, consisting of some of the most luxurious brands in the world-Prada, Hugo Boss, Burberry, etc.

However, most shoes in Nike and Adidas are extremely ugly and expensive. So did Puma. I barely see anyone on the streets wear that kind of shoes. 

Finally, I bought a pair of Timberland. 44.9 euros. Average price of a pair of running shoes here is about 60 euro. Timberland outlet here sells a huge variety of shoes. All of them are cost-efficient, comparing with other outdoors brands. 

My first pair Timberland ! Cheers ! 

In the afternoon, we went to one of the biggest Asian store around university, which is located in Reulingen. Unfortunately, the tastes of vinegar, soybean sauce are so different from those in Taiwan. 

Day 10 in Tübingen

1. After so many years of my life, I finally realize a very simple law that can guide me through      quandaries. That is, always be honest to yourself. Ask yourself, what is the very most important thing you really want ?

2. The essence of international environment is not about nationality, but the exotic experience the environment brings to you.

I can't cook. I don't even know which kind of rice is Chinese rice. Therefore, the rice is by and large a catastrophe. Not a bit similar to what we have eaten everyday in Taiwan. Horrible. The rice is even half-raw.

Let's talk about vegetable. You can see from its unpleasing color that there must be something wrong with it. I cooked it with a pan. Maybe it was because I added too much water.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Day 3 in Tübingen - Babenhausen

On my way to the serene,  undisturbed small town Babenhausen,  I came across a beautiful grassland alongside the Waldhäuse street, west to Berilner Ring. I have never seen such immense a grassland in my life. It stretched from the street to the farthest end my eyes could reach. There seemed to be no border of the sea of the bright green. It met the sky, and low hanging clouds at the end of your view. I was like standing in the middle of the ranch I usually saw in the Hollywood movie, where cowboys herd their cows here and there, sky is their roof, grass is their carpet. 

I saw kids playing football, which seemed to be their national sport. They play football like Taiwanese play basketball. Weird enough, German call football “soccer” in English rather than its British appellation “football”, which is more wildly-used in English speaking world. Actually, only Americans call it soccer, and they don't play this sport well.

As I just thought,  a horse farm appeared when I walked northward, where people can learn and enjoy a decent horse ride. I would like to try, but thinking of maybe I have to clean the barn as a exchange, the attemp suddenly became a daunting and undesirable task.

I am not sure what is was, but I would guess it should probably have something to do with recycling. German are very environmental-minded. Everyone who has been to Germany can tell their garbage sorting policy is executed quite successful. Almost all packages of food are recyclable, and bio-waste (leftover) can also be recycled. Although Taiwan can also boasts its achievement in reduction of waste, we don't push it to such an extreme that even leaves and grass are recycled. 

After a 15 minutes' walk in the woods, a secret garden disclosed itself to me. The moment I saw the exquisite age-withstanding tower of the medieval church,  I almost exclaimed “Hallelujah”.  The 800 year's monastery is so well-preserved and cloistered in the unvisited rural Germany that its beauty is not known by most part of the world. 

My astonishment was no less than Columbus when he discovered the new continent, only if I have the gift of Goethe to express my feelings.
Right in the middle of the woods, a monastery of 12 century stands as it has been for 800 years. What made all this more precious is, there was not a single stint that could ruin the picture. Wherever you looked at this small village, it is always picturesque. 

The air is so clean that you just can see through it and percept the finest detail of the ornament of the church tower, or the tile of its roof.

10 minutes later,  I was in the village.  The village, undisturbed by the rolling wheel of time, awed we mortals with its solemn and grandiosity, testified generations after generations, that we humans are only ephemeral passengers of the history, not the master of this world.

History tells itself, need no one to edify its magnificence.

Speechless is the best complement 


Makes us ponder which is the way out. 
Our souls are chastened by the limitation of space and time. 
 Renounce what you see in your eye, then you start to see.

Situated in history, we often get lost when we forget to lift our face from time to time.

We feel pressured, hardly can we breathe.
The barriers are so high that we feel we are left without choices.

We feel besieged, nowhere to run away.

We feel freedom is so hard to be reached. 
We envy the agility of birds.

Then we find a window, we find hope.

Who will listen to our prays, and who will answer ?

Convoluted branches of frame not only provide aesthetic feast, but actually showcase the contemporary extreme of technology of civil engineering.  

People die, but try to carve a mark on this world. 
Most of time, it is futile. 

If there were God looking at us, he must sorrow. 

Last glimpse to the village. Sun is setting.

How vast the world is, how infinitesimal we are.